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Threat Monitoring

Cyber Investigations

DarkNet Datamining

Social Media Investigations

Protection Team Overwatch

Deep Background Checks

Monitoring and Crisis Management

We offer Alarm Monitoring, Virtual Patrols, POI Discovery and Operation Overwatch to our clients to keep them safe from potential threats and damage. If a crisis were to occur, we have reponse teams on stand by to help contain a situation and support all involved to mitigate it.

Reputation Management

We provide it all- Everything from initial Deep Background Checks/Wiping, to Social Media / OSINT Monitoring, to Triage. Discreet and Professional, we give you and your client back control over what information is accessible by the public, while simultaneously monitoring the world wide web with our proprietary crawlers, so we can get ahead of whatever risk arises


Missing Persons Investigations
eFraud Investigations
Covert Remote Monitoring


OSINT Analytics

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures


Mobile Phone Tracking

for qualified clients

Cyber Cloaking

Online operation protection with disposable resources

Digital Data Recovery and Forensic Analysis


Asset Discovery
Online presence and reputation control
Skip Trace Location and Covert Monitoring
Counterintelligence Threat Analysis

for corporate espionage

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