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Protection Professionals

With our Agents having served in Protection details in all corners of the Earth, we provide a service in the private sector that has no equal. Period.

Executive Protection

Risk Solutions Unlimited protects people, assets, and reputations worldwide, enabling client operations through physical, technical and consultancy solutions.

Travel Protection

Whether you need a motorcade or wish to travel covertly, we handle everything from wheels down to wheels up.

Professional Team

Clearly the best in the business

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My team was led by a former Secret Service agent, and I could definitely tell

– George Ianapoulous
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Seasoned Team

Trained by former Secret Service and Army Dignitary Protection, as well as local and federal LEO professionals, each protection agent is required to meet the highest standards in the industry, before joining our teams.


The Intel Analysts doing Overwatch were amazing, this protection team was a whole different level!

-Mathew Schwartz

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Our Services are for:

Clients visiting the US
US citizens traveling globally

We Offer:

Executive Protection, Talent Protection, Event Protection, Travel Protection, and Personal Bodyguard Service