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RSU Protection Agents protects people, assets, and reputations worldwide, enabling client operations through physical, technical and consultancy solutions.

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Our Investigation Agents are trained by former LEO Detectives as well as under cover agents, and know what it takes to handle sensitive cases without detection.

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We offer training for corporate clients and work closely with HR, as well as training for those aspiring to make careers in law enforcement or private sector fields.

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Our security team is made up of former and aspiring law enforcement officers, making our teams conduct and expectations focused on holding these higher standards as precedent.

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Attorney's Risk Solutions Unlimited

We provide solutions for attorney's case loads. Whether you need process service, surveillance, background checks or perhaps assistance finding a missing person or protection for a client, we have the resources and experience necessary to get the job done.


Corporate Risk Solutions Unlimited

We have an expertise working with national and international companies with assistance in a variety of services, including: WPVP training, access control, covert/uniformed security, hostile terminations / force reduction events, investigations, and threat monitoring. We also assist with hardening security already yin place through TVAs, physical penetration tests and corporate espionage countermeasures.


Executive Risk Solutions Unlimited

We have extensive experience and understanding that high profile individuals require a higher liver of protection from the public and have the means to harden security while also not impeding on their life. We provide executive protection both overt and covert, cyber threat monitoring, and an intelligence division providing overwatch.

Process Serving

We have experts available 24/7 skilled in Skip-Tracing. Expect your documents to be seamlessly delivered to the intended party.

Bug Sweeping / TSCM

As part of our Corporate Espionage Countermeasures, we provide sweeps for corporate meeting rooms, as well and both vehicles and hotel rooms while clients travel.

Background Checks

We provide background checks for individuals or businesses, and can be as brief as a criminal background check, to deep international analysis.

Expert Witness

We can provide expert witnesses for any of the services that we provide.

Missing Persons

Nothing can cause as much worry and anxiety as missing a loved one. We provide our services both as stand alone services and as support to ongoing legal investigations.

Red Team Security Assessments

If you need to test your security setup or team, we provide both Threat and Vulnerability Assessments, as well as physical red team reports.


Digital Forensics and Data Recovery

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, storing your items with us is simple.

We can preform a forensic seizure of any device and handle it according to legal requirements to uphold its value for any on going case.

We utilize military grade forensic tools and can perform mobile forensics on all device models, including getting into locked iPhones.

Intelligence Division

The difference between reaction and proaction

  • Missing Persons
  • Asset Location
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Web Presence Insight
  • Background Checks
  • GeoFenced Threat Monitoring
  • DarkNet Datamining
  • Protection Team Overwatch
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